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Bet on Sports in South Africa: The Ultimate Sports Betting Guide 2024

Many people enjoy betting on sports, as well as watching them. Also, the expansion of the internet and the availability of smartphones has made it very easy for South Africans to bet on sports online. Although there are many online sportsbooks for players to choose from, they are not all trustworthy.

In this guide, our experts will review some of the most trustworthy and reliable sportsbooks. Not only have we spent a great deal of time on each site and checked their licences, our guide is also up to date and well researched. Therefore, you can rest easy knowing we provide you with the latest information. 

Read on to find out who we believe are the best sites to bet on sports and what sort of bets you can place with them.

🥇 The Best Sites to Bet on Sports in South Africa

Because of the popularity of sport betting in South Africa, there are a large number of sportsbooks to choose from. With so many sites out there, it can be overwhelming to know which ones are considered to be top betting sites in South Africa. It's important for them to be legitimate and trustworthy too. Our team of experts has looked at the sites for you, and come up with a list of recommended sites.

How We Chose These Sports Betting Sites

Sports betting is big business and there are so many sites to choose from. Therefore, it is difficult to choose the best sites. However, when we look at a site, we check a number of factors to decide which sites are the best. Let's have a look at the most important features:

A good site must hold a licence from a trusted recognized licensing body. In South Africa, there are nine such bodies.

Reputable sportsbooks will provide excellent customer support options. Players should be able to contact them 24/7, whether it is by email, phone or live chat.

The website itself needs to be fast to load, pleasing to view, and simple to navigate.

Offering an array of well-recognised payment methods ensures the site is trustworthy. Players should be able to make deposits and withdrawals using trusted banking methods.

There should be various choices of bets for each event.

The bigger sportbooks carry bets on a variety of events, not just on sports. Therefore, it can be fun to wager on a wide range of events.

🧾 How to Bet on Sports: A Guide

Bet on Sports

In this guide, we will cover how betting on sports works. Players sometimes wonder if betting on sports for a living is possible. Well, the answer is no. Betting should only be considered as a form of entertainment and not a way to make money. However, if you are lucky, you may have the odd win now and then.

To help you increase your chances of winning, you need to have a thorough understanding of every aspect of betting. This guide is a great place to build that knowledge. We will also look at how to bet on sports for free so that you can learn how to bet without risking too much money.

💡 How Do Sports Betting Odds Work?

Betting odds fall into two categories: fractional and decimal odds. These are different ways of expressing the probability of an outcome, which, in turn, tell us how much we can win.

Fractional odds are the possible winnings if we were to stake a certain amount. An example of a fractional odd is 2/1. The number on the left is what we would get if we staked the number on the right. This is also called an odds on. So, for every $1 bet, we would get $2 as our winnings. They would also return our stake, which means our total winnings would be $3.

However, if the number on the left is the same as the number on the right, for example, 2/2, this is called 'evens'. Whereas, if the number on the right is bigger than the number on the left, for example, 1/4, it is called 'odds-against.

We express decimal odds as a whole number followed by the decimal place, for example, 2.00. They represent the total winnings, including the stake. The player simply needs to multiply the stake by the odds. Therefore, if you bet $1 at 2.00, the return will be $2. That means $1 will be the winnings, and $1 is the returned stake.

👉 Favourites vs. Underdogs vs. Pick’em

Anyone who wants to bet on sports games should be familiar with these terms. However, they may not fully understand what they mean. While the favourite is the participant that the sportsbook predicts most likely to win, the underdog is the least likely to win. Instead, Pick'em is different. The sportsbook judges that the teams are so evenly matched that there is no clear favourite. In this case, they only offer moneyline bets, as there is no need for a point spread to even out the differences between the teams.


This is considered to be the simplest form of bet. It is a wager on who wins or loses. There is no point spread or anything else to think about. It can be used on many events, not just team sports. For example, players can place a moneyline wager on who will win a cycling race, or which horse will come first in the Grand National.


These bets are wagers on how many points you think a team will win or lose by. They are often referred to as point spreads or spread betting. An example of a spread bet would be:

  • Miami Dolphins: -4.5
  • New Orleans Saints: +4.5.

The Dolphins are the favourites in the bet because they have a minus sign (-) in front of the points. The -4.5 means that the Dolphins need to win by 5 or more points to cover the spread and win the bet. Instead, the Saints are the underdogs. They can win the game outright or even lose by 4 points or fewer.


In the world of betting, these bets are also called 'totals'. This is because the bet is based on the combined total number of points both teams make at the end of the game. The sportsbook predicts a total score for the game and the bettor wagers on whether they think it will be over or under that amount. An over/under can be applied to numerous wagers, not just the total score of a game. For instance, bettors can wager on the total number of goals a player will score in a soccer match.

💡 How to Place a Bet at a Sportsbook

Over the years, sportsbooks have worked hard to make betting as easy as possible. There are a few simple steps to follow to register and make a bet on these sites, which we will detail below.

  • Locate the right site: Check that the site holds a valid licence and carries the sports you're interested in.
  • Look for welcome bonuses: Sportsbooks try to attract new players with welcome bonuses. Some of them can be of great value, so it's worth looking at a few sites and comparing their bonuses.
  • Registration: Click on the 'Register' button on the homepage and fill in the form. The site may as you to provide additional information as well as proof of age and address.
  • Add payment details: Provide your payment details and choose your preferred payment method.

Make your first bet: Navigate to the sport you want to bet on. Click on the wager you want to place and submit to the bet slip, which places the bet.

The Best Sports to Bet On

Best Sports to Bet on

While all sports are great to bet on, some sports lend themselves more easily to certain types of bets. In this section, we will look at the most popular sports in South Africa and explain which bets suit these sports and why.

Soccer Betting Online

This is one of the easiest sports to bet on because it is a fast-paced game that produces relatively low scores. In a soccer match, an individual team will rarely score above 5 goals. Therefore, bettors have a narrow margin to bet within, which makes it easier to assess which team is most likely to win. Moneylines and prop bets are both very popular with this sport. However, futures and parlays are also often used, especially when championships are being played.

Horse Racing Betting Online

Many South Africans enjoy a day at the races, especially the Durban July, where they say that racing and fashion meet. Races themselves tend to be over quickly, and there are fewer championships to bet on. Therefore, bettors place a lot of moneyline bets, backing the horses they think will place in first, second or third positions.

Cricket Betting Online

Because cricket is played over a number of innings and there are various series to bet on, cricket offers a lot of chances to place different types of bets. For example, bettors can place parlay bets on their team throughout a test series. Cricket offers many betting combinations, which makes it one of the easiest sports to bet on.

Basketball Betting Online

This sport is hugely popular with bettors both within South Africa and internationally. It is a wonderful sport to choose if you want to bet on sports games. The game is played between two teams, so moneyline bets are a nature betting option. However, point spread bets are also often placed.

UFC Betting Online

In South Africa, this sport has increased in popularity over the years. This is a combat sport, so there are plenty of twists and turns in each match. If you are looking to bet on sports games, this is a more unusual choice and can produce some big wins. Of course, there is the standard 'who will win the match' moneyline bet, but prop bets are also well suited to this sport.

While we have covered some of the easiest sports to bet on, there are many more to choose from. Most sportsbooks offer all the classic sports like hockey, baseball, and volleyball, but some also offer more unique options. Some offer bets on political events, some take bets on chess, and others on less mainstream events.

📲 Can You Use Apps to Bet on Sports?

When you are using a smartphone, it is often wise to download an app rather than using a website. Apps are specially designed to work on smartphones, so it is more efficient in terms of battery usage and speed. The best app to bet on sports really depends on which sportsbook you want to use. Most sportsbooks will offer an app, so it is advisable to download it and try it. Apps can be the easiest way to bet on sports, as they allow bettors to see all the sports and bets on a mobile screen.

💳 Deposits and Payments

All reputable South African sports sites have excellent relationships with most financial bodies. Therefore, they can offer a wide selection of payment methods. The most common place payment methods include: debit/credit cards, Entropay credit card, bank payments, Electronic Funds Transfers (EFT) for example InstantEFT, e-wallets, vouchers and prepaid cards.

✅ Responsible Gambling in South Africa

Reputable sportsbooks will comply with the principles of responsible gaming. These principles require the sportsbook to employ responsible gaming tools should they need assistance. For example, players should be able to set wagering limits, self-exclusion periods and other limits. All sportsbooks in South Africa are obliged to offer these services as part of their licencing obligation.

Yes, sports betting is legal in South Africa. Betting online has been legal since the implementation of the National Gambling Act of 1996. This act allows sports betting, and it regulates the gambling industry.

📄 Licensing

In South Africa, The National Gambling Board licences and regulates all legal sportsbooks. All information regarding the licence is in the footers of their sites.


Question Icon

What do “+” and “-” mean in sports betting?

The 'plus sign (+) denotes the favourite in an event, while the underdog has the minus (-) symbol.

Question Icon

Which sports can I bet on?

Each sportsbook offers a different range of sports, so it is best to visit the sites and find the one with the sport you're interested in.

Question Icon

Can I bet on sports online legally?

Yes, online sports betting is legal in South Africa.

Question Icon

What is the safest way to bet on sports?

Make sure that the sportsbook you are using is licenced and regulated by the National Gambling Board.

Question Icon

Can you use bitcoin to bet on sports?

Although there are Bitcoin sportsbooks in South Africa, it is always advisable to check their licence.

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