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Deposit Match Bonus

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Deposit match bonuses are a great way to ensure you get the most out of your gambling experience. They're popular because they help you make the most of your gambling time and ensure you have a good time without worrying about how much money you spend with each session.

What Is a Deposit Match Bonus?

A sportsbook deposit match bonus is aincentive paid to South African players who deposit real money into their accounts. The sportsbook deposit match bonus is usually 50% of the total amount, but it can be as low as 10%. 

The deposit match offer is given to encourage new players to try out the betting sites and perhaps make their first deposit.

Best Matched Deposit Offers

How to Claim a Deposit Match Bonus

  • Claiming a deposit match bonus can be done in several ways, but the easiest and most popular method is by logging into your online gambling account and clicking on the "Claim Deposit Bonus" link on the main menu.

  • Once players click on the claim deposit bonus button, they will be redirected to a page where they can fill out some information about themselves and their deposit. If players are depositing from another country, they will need to fill out additional information about their bank account and the currency in which it is deposited.

  • Once you have filled out all the required information, click "Submit." This will take you to another page showing all the deposit bonuses currently available for players.

  • Clicking on each bonus link will take you through an easy claim process where all of the necessary information is provided by an automated system. When completed, your bonus funds will be credited directly into your player account!

Types of Sports Betting Deposit Match Offers

Betting sites offer a variety of bonuses to entice new customers, and the matched deposit bonus being one popular choice. With each bookmaker having their own structure for these offers, we have compiled all the information needed to ensure your bonus success. From understanding various betting site offers to acquiring cash rewards and placing minimum deposits, we’ve got you covered!

Matched Deposit Free Bet

Claiming a matched deposit free bet is an easy process! Sign up for an account, select your preferred payment option and make sure to put in some money. Once done, the betting site will grant you a complimentary wager matching your initial stake, sometimes after placing one settled bet first. You'll then score yourself some additional funds that are completely free – it's like having extra cash just for playing along.

1st Matched Deposit Bonus

South African bettors can enjoy a generous welcome bonus when they sign up with an online sportsbook. This offer, known as the Matched First Deposit Bonus, gives you double your deposit value upon signing up and making that first deposit. In most cases, this amounts to 100% of whatever is deposited. For example, if R500 was put forward in the initial transaction, then players will be treated to an additional R500 in play money! 

Not only do you get an extra boost of funds when starting out, but the more you deposit towards your first transaction, the greater the bonus amount in store for you. For example, suppose a welcome bonus is 100% Match on deposits up to R500. In that case, depositing that exact amount will see you rewarded with an extra R500, meaning there's now double the funds to explore all sorts of betting possibilities. However, note that some wagering conditions may be attached to the offer before any withdrawal can be made.

Risk Free Bets

With risk-free bets, you can get your foot in the door with a bookmaker and reap some rewards without losing any of your own money. It's like having an insurance policy - either gain returns with your bet or get cash back if it fails. That means no loss and potentially big rewards. It’s definitely worth checking out as a great way to start off in the world of wagering.

Money Back as a Free Bet

Get a little insurance and extra chances at big wins with money-back free bets! Many bookmakers offer these bonuses so you can place your bet on any sports betting market of your choice and get some of that hard-earned cash back if the selection doesn't come out as hoped. It's an ideal way to keep playing for those bigger jackpots without risking more than necessary.

In-Play Free Bet

In-play betting can add an extra dose of thrills and excitement to soccer matches. Why not take it up a notch by grabbing yourself some in-play free bets? New customers can sometimes access this perk when they register and place a pre-match bet on soccer games, while existing members may also find themselves eligible for such special rewards.

Promotional Odds Paid as Free Bets

With price boosts and enhanced odds, wagering just a small stake could mean massive winnings in the form of bookmaker free bets. Moreover, these promotional offers often feature inflated prices for favourites in certain betting markets, making it much easier to score some serious cash!

Match Deposit Offers for Existing Customers

As an existing customer, you may find out that your preferred bookmaker offers rewards for loyalty! You could even get a match deposit bonus offer of up to 100%. Keep an eye out, as the betting site will let you know when these exclusive chances arise.

Which Sports Can I Use Matched Deposit Offers On?

Your match deposit bonus opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to sports betting. South African bookmakers offer an extensive range of markets spanning the globe, but some are more popular than others in SA. Find out what top sporting events you can use your bonus on and start exploring all the opportunities available!


With football being South Africa's favourite sport, it comes as no surprise that online bookmakers have an unbeatable range of markets available. From simple wagers on who will win the Premier Division to daring bets like a World Cup player getting sent off - betting on football has never been easier. Now is your chance to be in control and set yourself up for success with winning predictions. 

Horse Racing

Horse racing is a major spectator sport in South Africa, and even if you can’t make it out to the track, there are plenty of opportunities for horse-racing fans to place their bets online using a match deposit bonus. When wagering on horse races, savvy punters will often opt for an each-way bet. This allows them to guess who'll win as well as where they might finish in the top three (or more). For those looking for something extra special with their betting experience, Trixie and patent bets offer exciting combinations across multiple races.


Tennis is one of the world's most beloved sports, and its magic runs particularly deep in South Africa. Fans can thrill to its fast-paced excitement as they bet in-play on each game and watch their picks unfold with every point scored, or they may opt for placing bets before an event kicks off - like guessing the first set winner! Either way, tennis provides plenty of fun opportunities to make predictions that could pay off handsomely.


Unlock the global hoops market and see what’s in store with a match deposit bonus. Take your pick of teams from around the world, or hone in on an individual player's performance - points scored, assists made, and rebounds taken can all be wagered upon.


Get ready, golf fans! It's time to show your knowledge and put those bets down. There are plenty of markets each year for tournaments like The Players Championship, the PGA Championship, US Masters or even the US Open. You can bet on a tournament winner or just someone to finish in a certain position. 

Restrictions Around Deposit Match Bonuses

Minimum Odds

Matched deposit bonuses can help you boost your betting bankroll, but keep in mind that there may be minimum odds restrictions attached to them. That means any bet placed must have odds above the specified threshold to meet the wagering requirements. For instance, if a bookmaker specifies 2/3 as the minimum, then all eligible bets need to exceed this amount. Only those placed above this value will count toward unlocking bonus funds or cashing out winnings afterwards!

Time Limits

Missed deadlines are the last thing you want to happen when dealing with matched deposit bonuses. Therefore, it's essential that players check and stay within any time limits as displayed in terms & conditions, which vary between sportsbooks but can be anywhere up to 60 days! Failing to do so will result in forfeited bonus funds along with any accrued winnings.

Minimum Deposits

Claiming a matched deposit bonus can be an excellent way to boost your bankroll, but it's important to keep in mind the potential impact of minimum deposit limits. These vary from site to site and could range anywhere between R10 and R50, so take some time ahead of depositing to study what’s on offer. Also, keep in mind that larger initial deposits may mean bigger wagering requirements, meaning you'll have more work cut out for yourself when trying to cash out.

Market Restrictions

With a matched deposit bonus, you can generally bet on all the big sports markets like football, tennis and basketball. However, it’s always worth taking an extra look if there's a particular event you'd be interested in betting on. Also, watch out for any restrictions relating to special events such as the World Cup; these offers may only cover certain types of bets related specifically to that event!

Payment Exclusions

When planning to make a deposit, be sure to read the T&Cs to avoid losing any betting bonuses. To make the most of deposit bonuses, using a debit card is usually your best bet. Be aware that deposits made through popular e-wallets like Neteller and Skrill may not count towards qualifying for a bonus offer. However, prepaid cards or intermediaries such as Trustly typically do qualify, so double-check to make sure you don't miss out.

Game Restrictions

If you're looking for a surefire way to make the most of your matched deposit, take advantage of slots.  Before you spend your bonus credit, make sure to double-check any game restrictions. While slots are generally an excellent option for this kind of promotion, there may be exceptions like progressive jackpots or special titles with unique features which don't count towards the deal. You should also verify if live casino games are included - RNG table games usually are, but it always helps to confirm.

Winning Caps

While it can be exciting to play with a bonus, there's one caveat - the dreaded winning cap. That's right, even if your luck shines and you exceed expectations in taking home winnings from an offer or promotion, any amount above the preset limit will disappear into thin air! Rather than view this as discouraging, why not look at it positively - after all, any profit from these deals can truly be considered an achievement, no matter how small. Although win caps are more common with free spin offers, it's always worth double-checking to avoid any unpleasant surprises so that all those lovely profits don't slip through your fingertips unnoticed!

Terms and Conditions of Match Deposit Bonuses

  • Available to new players: Match deposit bonus offers are available only to online gambling sites' new players.
  • Small time frame: The match deposit bonus money is rolled out at the end of the first day after depositing a matched deposit bonus. After that, players can withdraw only after playing an online gambling game. 
  • The bonus money may vary: The amount of bonus money may vary according to the terms and conditions set by each online gambling site but should not exceed 50 times your first deposit match bonus amount.
  • Limited match: Only one match deposit bonus can be applied per player account. This match deposit must be used within 30 days from its issuance date.
  • Provision of details: For your bonus to be valid as a user, you will be required to provide certain information about yourself, including your name, address, email address, mobile phone number, and password.

The Pros and Cons of First-Deposit Bonuses

First deposit match bonuses are always a good idea for new customers. However, there are a number of pros and cons to this type of promotion. Let’s take a look at them. For starters, a first deposit match greatly assists new users. It can help users get properly acquainted with an online gambling site. 

They're also great for beginners who want to learn how to play online gambling games and experienced players who want to take advantage of potentially lucrative prizes like the deposit bonus of free spins.  Also, first deposit bonuses don't require any verification or identification to be eligible, which means they're easier than ever before to claim.

On the flip side, there is the time limitation factor:  first deposit match bonuses can be limited in time, so if you miss out on them, it's harder than ever to qualify for another offer. Another downside to first deposit bonuses is that they often come with strict terms and conditions. For example, players might have to wager a certain amount before they can withdraw any winnings from their bonus funds

Like IconPros
  • Check IconGet new users started
  • Check IconNo Verification Required
DisLike IconCons
  • Close IconFirst deposit match bonuses are generally limited in time
  • Close IconStringent Wager Requirements

Popular Payment Options for Making Deposits

Several payment options are available if you want to make deposits on your preferred online betting sites.  The common payment methods include credit cards, debit cards, and eWallets. 

Here are some popular payment options for making deposits at online gambling sites: 

Debit Cards

You can make deposits with debit cards from many of the banks in South Africa. Debit cards are widely accepted and are usually free to set up. MasterCard is the most widely accepted debit card, but Visa, American Express, and Diners Club are also popular.


E-wallets are bank accounts that run on your smartphone or tablet. They allow you to make instant purchases, pay bills and transfer money easily. One of the most widely used electronic wallets by South African players is Skrill. This is largely due to its discreteness. 

Prepaid Cards

Prepaid cards work like debit cards, but they come with a balance that can be used to make purchases online through their sites or apps. However, you can purchase reloadable prepaid or preloaded cards with no credit and can only be used for online gambling transactions. 


Cryptocurrency is another method of making deposits to an online betting site. It is preferable because it's easy to use, fast, secure and anonymous - no one knows you made an online payment.

Wire Transfers

Players can transfer money from their bank to an online gambling site using bank transfers, sometimes referred to as wire transfers. Since no intermediary is involved in moving the payment for you, this is theoretically the simplest way to conduct business. The bank will only confirm that you have the funds before sending them.

How to Pick the Best Deposit Bonus Gambling Sites

  • Security: Ensure that the online betting sites have the best service provider. With the amount of personal and private information input on the platforms, it is important to use only secure sites. There are a lot of internet fraud schemes that are evolving, and you would not want to be a victim. Pick a good site with the best software that provides adequate security.

  • Withdrawal Option: Another thing you should consider when choosing an online betting site is whether or not you can withdraw money from your accounts once you have deposited. Some South African online gambling sites will allow players to withdraw money, while others don’t. Players should also remember that the first deposit match bonus can't be removed.

  • Loyalty programs: Loyalty programs or rewards are one important reason for an online sports gambling account. With an online account, you are provided with a bonus like a first deposit match bonus which increases your loyalty to the online gambling sites. One of the reasons these sites offer you a loyalty program is to make you choose and stick with them.

  • Reputation and legalization: Playing on an online betting platform with a good reputation is always a good choice. When picking an online gambling site, make sure the site has a good review by real people and is legal, licensed, and regulated. This would save you from scams and increase your confidence as you get your first deposit match bonus.

  • Customer support: A good online betting site has customer support working round the clock. When going through your list of online betting sites, don't forget to check out their customer support. A couple of times, players encounter issues when processing their first deposit bonus sportsbook. You would need to call on customer support to help address and resolve these complications as they arise.

  • Choice of the game: Selecting from a couple of games could be empowering. Online betting sites have variants such as poker, blackjack, and many more! The option to select a particular game from a couple of games has a good feel and puts players in charge of their choices.

Claim Deposit Match Bonuses on Mobile

Deposit match bonuses can be claimed using an online gambling site's app. The sports betting app makes it easier to log in and stay logged in. Not all betting companies have developed an app, so choose a  site with an app for convenience.

These apps are available for whatever smartphone you are using. In addition, online betting apps for IOS and Android are available for players, depending on their mobile device.


Question Icon

Is a deposit match bonus the same as a welcome bonus?

Deposit match bonuses are not the same as welcome bonuses. They are only available on the first deposit match sportsbook and often require a minimum deposit of 25 rands or more. The bonus amount is typically 50% of your deposit up to 100 rands or 100% up to 1,000 rands. You'll also get a bonus using an online betting site with a VIP program.

Question Icon

How do you get a match deposit?

Players will get their first deposit match bonus sportsbook after making their first deposit. Most online gambling sites will match up to 50% of the amount you put in. This means that if you put 100 rands into your account, deposit another 100 rands, and subsequently win another 100 rands in real money wagering requirements; you will be rewarded with a total of 200 rands. 

Question Icon

How many deposit match bonuses can you claim?

Online betting sites usually offer only one sportsbook deposit match bonus per account, so make sure that the one you want to make use of has the best deposit match bonus before depositing! However, some online gambling sites will allow players who have made multiple deposits within a certain time frame to qualify for various deposit matches.

Question Icon

Can you claim matched deposits on mobile?

Players can claim matched deposits with the use of an online betting app. In addition, the sports betting app makes it easier to log in and stay logged in. Unfortunately, not all South African online betting sites have developed an app, but you should opt for one for the convenience of your best deposit match bonus sportsbook. 

Question Icon

What are the wagering requirements on matched deposits?

The wagering requirements for matched deposits vary, but most online gambling sites require that players wager at least 50% of the deposit before the bonus payment. 

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