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Cricket Betting Online

Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the world, and it is fast becoming one of the exciting sports to bet on online. As a result, South African bettors have access to a plethora of betting sites that provide a variety of betting markets and promotions to punters.

With so many options, it can be challenging to determine which cricket betting sites are safe and reputable. Gladly, we are experts in this field, and in this article, we have provided you with all the necessary information about cricket betting online.

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Patrick Meyer
Patrick Meyer

How We Rank Top Cricket Betting Sites


All reputable gambling sites should be licensed by regulatory bodies such as the UKGC, Malta Gaming Authority, and Gibraltar. We made sure only to choose sites that are fully licensed and certified to ensure your safety on the site. For the utmost security, the sites use the latest SSL encryption technology to protect users’ banking and financial information.

Payment Options

We understand the importance of varieties of reliable payment methods for ease and convenience. Therefore, gambling platforms should offer you the luxury of choosing your preferred payment option from a list of others. 

Customer Support

There may come a time when you need help with the services provided on the platform, and the only way to get answers or help is by reaching out to the support center. The support team should be swift in their response and well-knowledgeable. The best online betting sites for cricket listed above all offer standard support systems.

Betting Odds

Competitive cricket odds for a variety of events, including the T20 World Cup, are required for a site to be considered. We look for fair odds that compare to other industry-leading sites, as well as a diverse range of markets and available bets so that you can tailor your bets.

Betting Bonuses

Bonuses and promotions add so much excitement and fun to your gambling experience. With bonuses, you can enjoy extra gaming time. We look out for sites offering lucrative bonuses that are easy to claim. 

Get Started with Cricket Betting Online

Placing wagers on cricket betting sites is simple and requires just a few steps. Follow our detailed guidelines below on how to do online betting in cricket.

  1. Register An Account
    After choosing your preferred site for cricket betting online, it’s time to register a betting account. Click on the “Sign Up” section, and fill in the required information. The entire procedure should take no more than a few minutes.

  2. Make A Deposit 
    Before placing bets, you’ll have to fund your account. You’ll be required to choose from the list of payment options on the website. You can then go ahead to deposit any amount.

  3. Have Fun
    Once you’ve deposited some funds, you can proceed to place bets up to the value in your account. However, remember to gamble responsibly. 

Cricket Match Types

Three types of cricket matches are played at the International level: Test Matches, One-Day Matches, and Twenty20 Matches. These matches are played according to the rules and regulations of the International Cricket Council.

Test Matches

Cricket test matches are considered the highest form of the game and are measured by players and avid cricket fans. A test match can last up to 5 days, with each innings lasting 90 overs. It is regarded as the pinnacle form because it tests teams over an extended period. Each team must show endurance, temperament, and technique.

One-Day Matches

As the name suggests, One-day matches are played on a single day. This game was originally intended to be a test match, but due to bad weather on the first three days of the game, the decision was made to make it a one-day game instead! Both teams are allowed to bat once for a total of 50 overs in these games (300 balls). After both teams' batting innings are completed, the team with the most runs wins the match.

Twenty20 Games

Twenty20 is the latest and most successful type of cricket match. Since its inception in 2003, the game has attracted new audiences. Twenty20 games, like the one-day matches, are played over a single day. The main difference is that batting innings in T20 internationals are only 20 overs or 120 balls.

Major International Cricket Competitions

There are several cricket competitions, however, some are more popular among players. Below, we highlight the major international cricket competitions that avid fans love to watch.

International Cricket Competitions

ICC T20 World Cup

The ICC Men's T20 World Cup is the international Twenty20 cricket championship. The tournament comprises 16 teams and is organized by the International Cricket Council (ICC). This tournament prioritizes shot selection and power over technique and defense, making it one of the most exciting events on the cricket calendar.

International Cricket Competitions

Indian Premier League (IPL)

The Indian Premier League is India's most watched sporting event and a household name in international cricket. The tournament is a two-month summer extravaganza of thrills and nerve-wracking cricket. The game is loved by many, and it's no surprise it’s one of the top 10 most popular cricket tournaments in the world.

International Cricket Competitions

Pakistan Super League

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) is a Twenty20 cricket league played annually between six teams, each representing six cities in Pakistan. The Pakistan Cricket Board established the league on September 9, 2015, with five teams. The group stage matches are played in a double round robin format - the top four teams with the most points advance to the playoffs, which culminate in the final. The Pakistan Cricket Board office in Lahore serves as the league's headquarters.

International Cricket Competitions

The Ashes Series

The Ashes is a competition between two nations. It’s a great rivalry between England and Australia. Every two years, they compete for a small urn. The name of this tournament has an intriguing backstory. The urn contains the bails that were burned to symbolize the end of English cricket in 1882. Because of the shock and outrage felt following England's first-ever loss to the newly formed nation of Australia, the bails were burned.

The urn was then taken to Australia, with England vowing to reclaim the Ashes the following year, which they duly did. Since then, the fierce rivalry has continued, with the winner reclaiming the Ashes for their country and the defeated country vowing to reclaim it in the next series.

Pre-Match vs. Live Cricket Betting

Pre-match betting is what most punters are accustomed to. They look at the lineup ahead of time and place bets on matches they believe will result in a win. In contrast, live betting allows you to place bets on a match that’s currently live. The major visual difference between live bets and pre-match is the rate at which odds change.

What makes pre-match betting so appealing is that you have plenty of time to devise a winning strategy. You also have a wealth of information at your disposal. However, with live betting, you can place all kinds of bets. You can wager on which team will score the next goal, get a yellow or red card, etc.

Popular Types of Cricket Bets

As a South African player new to online betting for cricket, it’s important to have detailed information about the several betting markets to place the most profitable bets possible. Below is a list of the most popular types of cricket bets you’ll find online.

  • Top Batsman - This is where you select a player who you believe will score the most runs in a match. This bet has a higher payout because it is more difficult to predict.

  • Most Sixes - This is a wager in which you predict which batsman will hit the most sixes in a match or innings. This can be a good bet if you've done your homework and know which batsmen are in form and likely to score big. 

  • Player of The Match - In this type of bet, you simply choose who you think will be named player of the match at the end of the game.

  • Match Betting - The vast majority of bettors on online cricket betting apps place this type of bet. The goal here is straightforward: predict which of the two teams will win.


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How can I bet on cricket online?

Choose a reliable bookmaker and sign up on the site. Then, deposit with your preferred payment method, and the funds are available for your betting pleasure.

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Are cricket betting sites legal in South Africa?

All licensed cricket betting sites are legal in South Africa; you have nothing to worry about.

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Can you win real money on SA cricket betting sites?

Yes, you can if you’re willing to do the work and pay attention to cricket betting online tips. 

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What is outright cricket betting?

This term refers to betting options in which you choose the winner of a match, tournament, or series.

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How do you predict a cricket match?

It is important that you watch and follow as many cricket games as you can. However, to make predictions easier for you, you should register on a betting site that provides competitive odds.

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