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Capitec – Buy Vouchers With Capitec App

As of 2017, Capitec Bank was the second-largest retail bank in South Africa. Its secret to success was its customer-friendly service and its friendly costs. As you might expect, Capitec keeps up with the times, offering its customers various digital payment solutions.

In this article, we’ll look at what Capitec is, how you can open a Capitec account, and how to buy prepaid vouchers using your Capitec app.

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Patrick Meyer
Patrick Meyer

What is Capitec?

Capitec Bank has been around since 2001. Over the years, it has grown into one of the largest retail banks in South Africa, with more than 850 branches across the country. It has a large network of ATMs (more than 3400 as of 2015). It also offers internet and smartphone banking solutions.

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How to open a Capitec account?

The simplest way to open a Capitec account is to download the Capitec app on your phone from the Google PlayStore or Apple Store. Then, follow these simple steps:

  1. Install the Capitec app

  2. Enter your South African ID number

  3. Take a couple of selfies (so that the bank can verify your identity)

  4. Complete the following forms with your personal information

Once you complete these steps, you’ll be the happy owner of a brand new Capitec bank account and virtual card. You can start shopping online immediately - and you’ll have access to many services, including:

  • Buy vouchers (OTT Voucher, Blu Voucher, Capitec Flexi Voucher, Capitec TopUp Voucher)

  • Play Lotto

  • Buy airtime, data and SMS bundles

  • Buy electricity

  • Send cash to friends and family

  • Do bill payments

Capitec will send you a physical card to your home address, or you can collect it at one of the Capitec branches.

How to use the Capitec App

The Capitec app can be used pretty much like all other smartphone banking apps. You’ll have access to your (virtual) card and a series of purchase options. Of course, you’ll have access to Capitec’s products, from investment plans to loans and insurance.

Vouchers to buy on Capitec App

OTT Voucher

Blu Voucher

How to buy vouchers with the Capitec App

Here is how you can buy a voucher through the Capitec App:

  1. Tap “Transact”

  2. Select “Buy vouchers”

  3. Choose one of the available vouchers (OTT Voucher, Blu Voucher or Flexi Voucher)

  4. Select the “From” account (which you’ll use to pay)

  5. Choose or enter the desired amount

  6. Enter the mobile number that will receive the voucher code

  7. Add a name (optional)

  8. Tap “Buy Now” to finalize the purchase

How to use Capitec Pay

Capitec Pay is a payment gateway that allows you to pay various bills, make purchases, and top up accounts without having to share banking information. All you need to do is sign in to your Capitec Pay app and start shopping. 

Where eligible, you will be able to pay directly using Capitec Pay. Simply head over to the checkout or the cashier of the online shop or service, select Capitec Pay, and approve the transaction to complete it.

Where can I use Capitec Pay?

You can use Capitec Pay (through Ozow) to top up your account at

Like IconPros
  • Check IconEasy to open an account
  • Check IconLarge network of offices and ATMs
  • Check IconLow fees
  • Check IconCapitec Pay gateway
DisLike IconCons
  • Close IconIt’s a bank with all its shortcomings

Capitec FAQs

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How do Capitec Vouchers work?

Capitec Vouchers can be used to send a gift or support to anyone in South Africa, to be spent at participating retailers. The voucher types include Capitec Flexi Vouchers (usable at any participating retailer), retailer-specific vouchers (usable only at specified retailers), online vouchers (usable at participating online partners), and Capitec Top Up Vouchers (usable with any prepaid mobile network operator). Blu Voucher and OTT Voucher are single-use prepaid vouchers for payments, deposits, or top-ups with participating online partners, offering safer online transactions without entering bank card detail

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How to buy OTT voucher without using Capitec app?

OTT Vouchers can be purchased from over 150,000 participating retail outlets across South Africa. Simply provide the cash equivalent at these stores and receive an OTT Voucher with a unique PIN. They can also be bought at Sasol garages and retail stores. Although the vouchers can be purchased via banking apps like Capitec, supported by Ozow or CallPay, buying them in-store is an alternative for those not using the Capitec app​

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Can I use Capitec Flexi voucher on Hollywoodbets?

Yes you can, by using OTT Vouchers on Hollywoodbets purchased using a Capitec account. After buying an OTT Voucher, you can navigate to the Hollywoodbets website, log in to your account, and fund it using the voucher

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Can I use Capitec Flexi voucher on Betway?

Direct usage of Capitec vouchers on Betway is not possible. However, South Africans can use Capitec to buy OTT vouchers and then load them onto their Betway account. This indirect method allows Capitec account holders to deposit funds into Betway accounts, but not through direct Capitec vouchers

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