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Best Online Betting Reload Bonuses in South Africa in 2024

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Unlike some countries worldwide, online betting is legal in South Africa, so the gambling industry experiences steady growth yearly. There are now numerous betting sites, casinos, and a huge list of sportsbook reload bonus offers available to South African players.

Most online betting sites provide promotional offers to attract players - one of these bonus offers is the reload bonus. Players can utilise several types of these incentives to make the most out of their gaming experiences. This article will elaborate on reload bonuses and some of the best options South African players can find on online betting sites.

What Are Casino Reload Bonuses? (Reload Bonus Meaning)

A reload bonus needs no further explanation, as its name says it all. It is simply a bonus offer that players receive for reloading their casino accounts. It is more like a welcome bonus, but there are slight differences between them. Reload bonuses are for deposits after your initial first deposit and usually come with a lower percentage than signup bonuses.

How Does a Matched Deposit Bonus Work?

Most reload bonuses have the same structure as a matched deposit bonus. However, unlike regular matched deposit bonuses, they feature lower percentages of about 20-50% in most cases.

For example, if a casino offers you a 40% reload bonus, you will earn R40 for depositing R100. You get a total of R140 in real cash and bonus credit. What makes reload bonuses even more interesting is the availability of free spins. Some reload bonuses also come with free spin offers, allowing players to try out different slots for free. However, this is solely dependent on the particular betting site in use. For this reason, it is essential to always find out the details of bonus offers before choosing a specific casino.

⚡ How to Claim a Reload Bonus 

Claiming a reload bonus requires you to make subsequent deposits after your first deposit as a new player. Thus, this step-by-step guide assumes you already own a betting account in your preferred sportsbook.

To claim a reload bonus, here are some easy steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Login To Your Account

Of course, the first step to claim any bonus in your online betting account is to login into your account using your unique username and password.

  • Step 2: Visit The Promotions Page For Reload Offers

It is typical for online betting sites to bombard your account with numerous notifications and bonus offers once you log in. Suppose you need help finding these bonus messages in your notifications box. In that case, you can visit the promotions page manually to access them. Do you still need help finding offers? Then you can choose from our recommended list. If it is available, follow the next steps to proceed.

  • Step 3: Reload Your Account (Make Deposit)

Of course, you have to deposit to claim a reload bonus; in the end, nothing goes for free. To make a deposit, follow the specified steps on the reload bonus page, select your preferred deposit method, and proceed to put in some funds.

  • Step 4: Enjoy Bonus!

Once you earn your reload bonus, you can bet freely on your favourite games. However, remember that you must follow the bonus requirements. These can be seen in the T&Cs section, and the rules depend solely on the platform.

Different Types of Reload Bonuses

The term 'reload bonus' represents different forms of rewards. It can come as a reload bet no deposit bonus, free spin, or bonus credit. Here are some of the major types of reload bonuses that you can expect to receive on betting sites.

Bonus Cash

Bonus cash is the most common way online gambling sites reward users. The bonus cash comes in the form of real money, but in a separate bonus balance, redeemable upon meeting requirements. 

Free Spins Reload

Whenever you come across a betting bonus, there is a high possibility that free spins are also attached. Free spins reload bonuses are rewards that can be used on specific slot machines. Players do not receive any special cash credits, they receive free slots for playing certain games.

Payment Method Bonus

A payment method bonus is a special offer that only works for specific payment methods. Thus, you only receive these reload rewards if you use a particular deposit option. It could be a special bonus for PayPal, Neteller, or even crypto deposits.

Special Reload Promo Offers

Special reload promo offers are seasonal bonuses that come as a VIP promo or a loyalty reward. They are unique offers that players receive for specific achievements. For example, it could be for making a particular deposit or becoming a VIP member. Also, it could be a seasonal offer like the Xmas bonus currently on most websites.

Standalone Reload Bonus

Some reload bonuses come as part of a welcome bonus offer, recurring after the first deposits. However, standalone reload bonuses are special rewards that casinos provide separately. They are often for returning players or part of loyalty programs.

Why Is the Reload Bonus So Useful?

A reload bonus is quite useful in several ways – it adds value to your deposits and is a recurring reward system.

You Get More Real Money

Reload bonuses offer players more cash upon deposit. Let us assume that you deposit R100 in your betting account for a reload bonus of 50%, you earn an extra R50, making a total of R150. It adds value to your deposit, giving you additional chances for profit-making.

They're With Reputable Online Casinos

If you are looking for a reliable sportsbook, one of the things to look out for is the kind of bonus offers available. Most reputable online gaming sites provide reload bonuses and use them as a medium to reward loyal players. Though a reload bonus is not a valid method for accessing the reputation of a casino, it is an added advantage.

Their Unlocking Requirements Are Fair

Bonus requirements stand as a measure to prevent players from exploiting sportsbooks. However, like other bonus offers, reload bonuses also come with conditions that players have to meet to cash out in real money. 

These terms range from minimum deposits to wagering requirements, among others. However, unlike other bonus offers, the requirements for reload bonuses are lower. Thus, wagering conditions and the minimum deposit required may be lower. But, It is worth noting that the t&cs of a reload bonus depend on the host sportsbook.

Many of These Online Reload Bonuses Are Reusable

Online casino and sportsbook reload bonuses provide more than meets the eye. Not only because they often offer extra opportunities to win but also due to their reusability. Depending on the bonus code you are using, it could even come in handy multiple times! This way, if ever your account balance needs bolstering up, you will always have something ready at hand. In addition, there are some extra incentives like free spins, loyalty points, and other rewards that players stand to earn repeatedly as a part of the offer.

Examples of Online Reload Bonuses and Bonus Codes

Online Casino Reload Bonus

Though online casinos promote their first deposit bonuses more, reload bonuses are just as important. Suppose you dry up your bankroll during a bad gambling session. A reload bonus will help you take advantage of the moment to make even more money on your subsequent deposits. Most online gaming platforms use this to give players high hopes even after losses.

Online Sportsbook Reload Bonus

Online sports betting is luck-based, so bad moments are inevitable. Even the sportsbooks are aware of this, thereby providing reload bonuses with bonus codes that players can utilise for more profit. With a bonus code, a player can make deposits and receive special offers of up to 100% in some cases.

How Often Do We Update or Test These Reload Bonus Codes?

Accuracy is paramount in our listings, so we put extra effort into sorting for the best reload offers available to players at all times. Bonus codes change, and we are fully aware of that. We often confirm details from these gambling sites and update them whenever any changes occur. Also, we consider reload bonus requirements and other essential factors to ensure that our listings include the best offers for players.

💡 Quick Reload Bonus Bet Tips 

Here are some tips on finding the best reload bonus offers available online:

How to Find the Best Reload Promo Offers

At the mention of a reload bonus, one would imagine free money. Spoiler alert; that is not always the case. Of course, these reload bonuses most times do come in handy. However, they can still be nightmares without proper scrutining on your part.

You can only make a real profit when you choose the right offers. To find the best reload bonuses, here are some things you need to consider;

  • Wagering Requirements 

The wagering requirement is one of the most important factors determining your chances of making a profit from a bonus. Higher rewards often come with higher wagering requirements, but there are still some exceptions. Typically, a wagering requirement of 1 - 20x is good for sports betting, while 35x should be the average for casino sites.

  • Minimum Deposits/Maximum Cashouts

Minimum deposits for reload bonuses vary according to the host site. For most South African betting sites, the minimum deposit for reload bonuses is R50. However, it can be slightly lower. Also, the maximum payout is another crucial factor that we consider; it determines how much you can make from a bonus after fulfilling the requirements.

  • Recurring Deposits

Reload deposits are recurring, but not all are. You must confirm this detail when choosing an offer. The bonus should be reusable and available for subsequent future deposits.

🧾 General Terms & Conditions on Reload Bonuses

All reload bonus offers come with a set of terms and conditions. These rules are easy to understand, so breaking down all your expectations is quite easy. For example, some online bookies will only allow you to redeem your bonus cash for real money after playing for a specific amount of times; it is often termed wagering or rollover requirements.

Also, there are other general terms like a minimum deposit required to unlock the bonus, as well as time limit and maximum payout.

🎁 Welcome Bonus vs Reload Bonus 

All casino bonuses are somewhat similar, but their names can help you tell them apart. As the name implies, a welcome bonus is an incentive provided to new members of an online bookie. It usually covers the first deposit a player makes and often comes with free spins and match deposits of up to 100%.

On the other hand, a reload bonus rewards players for making deposits after already receiving a regular welcome bonus. Like the welcome bonuses, reload offers can come in the form of free spins, bonus credits, or even loyalty points.

Terms and Conditions of Reload Bonuses

Minimum Deposits

Minimum deposits represent the amount of money a player has to deposit to be able to receive a reload offer. For South African players, it can range between R20 to 50, depending on the online betting site.

Time Limits

There are time restrictions attached to reload bonus offers. Some reload bonuses have a validity period of 24 hours, while some can last for up to 7 days or more. The longer the time, the higher your chances of winning.

Maximum Winnings

Every reload bonus features a maximum winning, serving as a cap to the bonus offer. Thus, a typical reload bonus would look like; a 100% Reload Deposit Up To R1,000, meaning the maximum earning allowed is R1,000. Platforms offering higher values allow players to win huge amounts of money with huge deposits.

Wagering Requirements

Players must wager a reload bonus several times before becoming eligible for withdrawal. To meet this condition, you have to bet the total value of your bonus the number of times specified by the sportsbook.

The Pros and Cons of Reload Bonuses

Like IconPros
  • Check IconThis type of offer is recurring
  • Check IconBonus requirements are fair
  • Check IconIt boosts the value of a player's deposits.
DisLike IconCons
  • Close IconMostly available to returning players
  • Close IconNot instantly redeemable as real cash


Question Icon

How do I get a reload bonus? 

To get a reload bonus, you have to sign up for an account on the best reload bonus sportsbook that offers the bonus. You become eligible for other recurring reload bonuses upon signing up and making your first return deposit. You can select from our list of reload bonuses or make adequate research using our criteria.

Question Icon

What is a 200% reload bonus?

A 200% reload bonus is an offer that gives you up to 200% of your deposit. Thus, if you deposit R100, you gain an extra R200, making a total of R300.

Question Icon

Do wagering requirements apply to reload bonuses?

Yes. Like all bonuses, wagering requirements also apply to reload bonuses. However, they are often lower compared to most welcome bonus offers.

Question Icon

What is the minimum deposit for a reload bonus?

The minimum deposit for a reload bonus depends solely on the sportsbook. For most South African betting sites, the minimum deposit required is R50; however, it can be slightly higher or lower.

Question Icon

How do I turn my bonus bet into cash?

You must first meet the bonus wagering requirements to turn your bonus bet into cash. Once done, you can redeem your bonus in real money.

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