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Sportstake Rugby

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Predict the outcomes of ten predetermined rugby fixtures from leagues, tournaments and other professional sources from around the world in one weekly draw.

Rules of the Game

Rules of the Game

  • Players predict the correct outcomes of ten rugby matches. 
  • The fixtures are drawn from rugby matches in South Africa, England and other countries around the globe. 
  • The fixture result predictions are denoted as [1], [X] and [2].
  • A board consists of a grid of ten fixture result predictions.
  • The teams are listed in the order of ‘Home Team’ versus ‘Visiting Team’. 
  • Mark [1] if you believe the ‘Home Team’ will win; Mark [2] if you believe the ‘Visiting Team’ will win; Mark [X] if you predict that the match will end in a tie.

Cost of a Sportstake Rugby Ticket

  • The cost of a single board entry is R5.00, including VAT.
  • A minimum price per wager is R5.00, and a maximum wager per online betslip is R2,000.

How to Win in Sportstake Rugby

If you match seven, eight, nine or 10 outcomes from the fixtures, you will share the winning pool in one of the four prize divisions. 

  • Prize Division 1: Match all 10 outcomes from the fixture list.
  • Prize Division 2: Match nine outcomes from the fixture list.
  • Prize Division 3: Match eight outcomes from the fixture list.
  • Prize Division 4: Match seven outcomes from the fixture list.

Reference: Check out the National Lottery site.

Sportstake Rugby Frequently Asked Questions

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How many Sportstake Rugby draws are held per week?

There is one Sportstake Rugby draw held every week on a Sunday.

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What happens if an online betslip is rejected at the point of entry?

This means that there is no valid entry into the draw.

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What is considered official Sportstake Rugby results?

The results are recorded as the score at the end of an 80-minute period of the rugby match or full-time score, plus the referee’s additional time. They exclude extra time and penalty kicks.

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When are the results recorded?

Results are recorded after the fixture has been completed and after the match referee has declared the end of the game.

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Can I play Sportstake Rugby on my mobile device?

Yes! You can download and play on the National Lottery Mobile App.

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What’s the latest I can fill in a Sportstake Rugby betslip?

The sale of any fixture list closes 30 minutes before the start of the earliest match. Sportstake Rugby is sold online every day.

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What happens if there are no winners in Division 1?

The prize pool will be rolled over to the next draw’s Division 1 prize pool.

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