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UEFA Euro 2024: Your Full Guide

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The UEFA European Championship, commonly referred to as the Euros, is one of the most prestigious football tournaments in the world. It attracts millions of fans from every corner of the globe, and South Africans love watching and wagering on it, too. The Euro 2024 promises to be an exceptional event, showcasing some of the finest football talents across Europe.

Euro 2024 tickets are highly coveted, offering fans the chance to witness the tournament live in Germany's top stadiums. Tickets are distributed through UEFA's official portal, typically in phases to ensure fair access. Early planning and timely applications are essential for securing a spot at this prestigious event.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of everything you need to know about the upcoming tournament and who to watch if you want to place soccer bets online at South Africa’s best sportsbooks.

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When is Euro 2024 Starting?

Euro 2024 starts on June 14, 2024. This date marks the beginning of a month-long football extravaganza, culminating in the final match on July 14, 2024. The first game will follow an exciting opening ceremony, setting the stage for a summer full of thrilling football action.

Where is Euro 2024?

The honour of hosting the Euro 2024 goes to Germany. This will be the second time Germany has hosted the Euros, the first being in 1988. 

Germany's rich football history and world-class infrastructure make it an ideal location for this prestigious tournament. Matches will be played across ten cities, including Berlin, Munich, and Hamburg, each offering a unique cultural experience for visiting fans.

MunichAllianz Arena
FrankfurtDeutsche Bank Park
DüsseldorfMerkur Spiel-Arena
LeipzigRed Bull Arena
DortmundSignal Iduna Park
StuttgartMercedes-Benz Arena

These venues are known for their state-of-the-art facilities and vibrant atmospheres, ensuring an unforgettable experience for both players and fans.

Euro 2024 Qualifiers

The journey to Euro 2024 began with the Euro 2024 qualifiers, where national teams from across Europe competed for a spot in the tournament. The qualifiers are always highly competitive, as teams strive to secure their place in one of the most esteemed football events. The qualification process involves a series of matches where teams are divided into groups, and the top teams from each group earn their ticket to the main event in Germany.

The Euro 2024 qualifiers featured numerous thrilling encounters, with established football powerhouses and emerging teams battling it out on the pitch. This stage of the competition not only determines which teams will participate in Euro 2024 but also sets the tone for the exciting fixtures to come.

Euro 2024 Groups

The Euro qualifiers are a crucial stage in the road to the UEFA European Championship, where national teams from across Europe compete for a spot in the final tournament. These matches determine which teams advance, featuring intense competition and showcasing emerging talents as well as established football powerhouses.

Once the qualifiers concluded, the focus shifted to the formation of the Euro 2024 groups. The tournament features 24 teams divided into six groups of four. The draw for the group stage is always a highly anticipated event, as it determines the initial matchups and sets the stage for potential rivalries and classic encounters.

The composition of the Euro 2024 groups is crucial, as it can significantly impact a team's journey in the tournament. Each group consists of teams with varying levels of skill and experience, making for a diverse and unpredictable competition. The top two teams from each group, along with the four best third-placed teams, will advance to the knockout stages, where the stakes are even higher.

Euro 2024 Fixtures and Schedule

With the groups set, the Euro 2024 fixtures are meticulously planned to ensure an engaging and well-paced tournament. The Euro 2024 schedule includes the dates and venues for all matches, from the group stage to the final. Fans can look forward to a packed calendar of football, with multiple matches taking place each day during the group stage.

The knockout stages, including the Round of 16, quarter-finals, semi-finals, and final, promise high-stakes action as the best teams compete for glory. Each match is a potential turning point, with teams fighting for their place in history. The Euro 2024 fixtures are designed to keep fans on the edge of their seats, with every game bringing its own drama and excitement.

June 14Group A, Munich: Germany 5-1 Scotland
June 15Group A, Cologne: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland
Group B, Berlin: Spain 3-0 Croatia
Group B, Dortmund: Italy 2-1 Albania
June 16Group D, Hamburg: Poland 1-2 Netherlands
Group C, Stuttgart: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark
Group C, Gelsenkirchen: Serbia 0-1 England
June 17Group E, Munich: Romania 3-0 Ukraine
Group E, Frankfurt: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia
Group D, Dusseldorf: Austria 0-1 France
June 18Group F, Dortmund: Turkey 3-1 Georgia
Group F, Leipzig: Portugal 2-1 Czechia
June 19Group B, Hamburg: Croatia vs. Albania
Group A, Stuttgart: Germany vs. Hungary
Group A, Cologne: Scotland vs. Switzerland
June 20Group C, Munich: Slovenia vs. Serbia
Group C, Frankfurt: Denmark vs. England
Group B, Gelsenkirchen: Spain vs. Italy
June 21Group E, Dusseldorf: Slovakia vs. Ukraine
Group D, Berlin: Poland vs. Austria
Group D, Leipzig: Netherlands vs. France
June 22Group F, Hamburg: Georgia vs. Czechoslovakia
Group F, Dortmund: Turkey vs. Portugal
Group E, Cologne: Belgium vs. Romania
June 23Group A, Frankfurt: Switzerland vs. Germany
Group A, Stuttgart: Scotland vs. Hungary
June 24Group B, Leipzig: Croatia vs. Italy
Group B, Düsseldorf: Albania vs. Spain
June 25Group D, Berlin: Netherlands vs. Austria
Group D, Dortmund: France vs. Poland
Group C, Cologne: England vs. Slovakia
Group C, Munich: Denmark vs. Serbia
June 26Group E, Frankfurt: Slovakia vs. Romania
Group E, Stuttgart: Ukraine vs. Belgium
Group F, Hamburg: Czechia vs. Turkey
Group F, Gelsenkirchen: Georgia vs. Portugal
June 29Round of 16, Berlin: runner-up Group A vs. runner-up Group B
Round of 16, Dortmund: winner Group A vs. runner-up Group C
June 30Round of 16, Gelsenkirchen: winner Group C vs. third place Group D/E/F
Round of 16, Cologne: runner-up Group B vs. third place Group A/D/E/F
July 1Round of 16, Dusseldorf: runner-up Group D vs. runner-up Group E
Round of 16, Frankfurt: winner Group F vs. third place Group A/B/C
July 2Round of 16, Munich: winner Group E vs. third place Group A/B/C/D
Round of 16, Leipzig: winner Group D vs. runner-up Group F
July 5Quarter-final, Stuttgart: winner round-of-16 match 3 vs. winner of round-of-16 match 1
Quarter-final, Hamburg: winner round-of-16 match 5 vs. winner of round-of-16 match 6
July 6Quarter-final, Dusseldorf: winner round-of-16 match 4 vs. winner round-of-16 match 2
Quarter-final, Berlin: winner round-of-16 match 7 vs. winner round-of-16 match 8
July 9Semi-final, Munich: winner QF1 vs. winner QF2
July 10Semi-final, Dortmund: winner QF3 vs. winner QF4
July 14Final, Berlin

Historical Significance Of The UEFA Euro

The UEFA European Championship has a rich history, with the first tournament held in 1960. Over the years, the Euros have produced some of the most memorable moments in football history. From stunning goals to dramatic comebacks, the tournament has been a platform for football legends to showcase their talents.

Euro 2024 continues this legacy, bringing together the best teams and players in Europe. The tournament not only celebrates football but also promotes unity and sportsmanship. Fans from diverse backgrounds come together to support their teams, creating an atmosphere of camaraderie and excitement.

The Impact of Euro 2024 on Football

The influence of the Euros extends beyond the tournament itself. Euro 2024 will have a significant impact on the host nation, participating teams, and the global football community. Here are a few ways in which the tournament will leave a lasting legacy:

Economic Boost

Hosting Euro 2024 will provide a substantial economic boost to Germany. The influx of tourists and fans will benefit local businesses, from hotels and restaurants to transportation and retail.

Infrastructure Development

Major tournaments often lead to improvements in infrastructure. Germany has invested in upgrading stadiums and facilities to ensure a world-class experience for players and fans.

Football Development

For participating teams, the tournament is an opportunity to showcase their talents on a global stage. Young players can make a name for themselves, while established stars aim to leave their mark.

Global Reach

Euro 2024 will be broadcast to millions of viewers worldwide, spreading the excitement and passion of European football to every corner of the globe. This global reach helps in promoting the sport and inspiring future generations.

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How many qualify from each Euro 2024 group?

From each Euro 2024 group, the top two teams automatically qualify for the knockout stage. Additionally, the four best third-placed teams across all groups also advance to the Round of 16.

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Who is predicted to win the Euro 2024?

Predicting the winner of Euro 2024 is challenging due to the highly competitive nature of the tournament, but strong contenders include France, Germany, and Spain, given their recent performances and deep talent pools. Additionally, England and Italy are also seen as potential champions thanks to their solid squads and successful track records in international competitions.

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What is the group of death in the Euro Cup 2024?

The Group of Death in Euro 2024 is Group B, featuring football powerhouses like France, Germany, Portugal, and Hungary. This group is highly competitive, with each team boasting a strong squad and rich football history, making every match crucial and intensely contested.

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Will Ronaldo play in Euro 2024?

On Tuesday, June 18, in Leipzig, Portugal began its 2024 European Championship campaign against the Czech Republic, with Ronaldo returning as captain.

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How many teams can qualify from the Europa Group Stage?

In the UEFA Europa League group stage, the top two teams from each group qualify for the knockout stage, making a total of 24 teams. Additionally, the eight third-placed teams from the UEFA Champions League group stage drop down to the Europa League knockout phase, rounding out the final 32 teams.

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Can Spain win the Euro 2024?

Yes, Spain has a strong chance to win Euro 2024, given their history of success in the tournament and the talent in their current squad. However, their victory will depend on their performance in key matches against other top European teams and their ability to maintain consistency throughout the tournament.

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