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Aviator Game Review 2024

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Patrick Meyer
Patrick Meyer

Few casino games have the potential to set a trend in today’s online gambling industry. The Aviator game is one of them. Its minimalist interface, self-explanatory gameplay, and potential for big wins have made it the hit of 2023. Its popularity remains unbroken in 2024, too, pushing crash games to the top of the players’ preferences.

In this review, we’ll look at the Aviator game’s history, how and where to play it, and a few strategy and gameplay tips that will help you win more when playing it.

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About the Aviator Game

The Aviator game was launched in February 2019 as an exclusive title on Adjarabet. Spribe, the company behind it, was already an established provider of minimalist casino games. After its unexpected success at Adjarabet, Aviator’s updated version hit the global casino market in August 2019, starting its success story.

Since then, Aviator has become one of the most successful gambling games. It has become the genre-defining title of “crash gaming”. It is now a staple at online casinos worldwide, offering players not just an opportunity to win but a complete social experience as well.

Aviator has a high RTP, of up to 97%. If you play it right, you can easily take it over 100%!

How to Play the Aviator Game

The first thing that hits you when you look at the Aviator game is its simplicity. Purpose-built to be simple and quick to load, it works great on any device, old and new. 

  1. Get to know the Aviator user interface

Depending on the platform you play on, the game’s interface can be arranged in different ways. Its main features, in turn, remain the same:

  • The play area in the middle, where the plane takes off

  • The two “bet” areas

  • The list of the current players and their bets

  • The ticker with the last results at the top

  • Depending on the casino you play at, there may or may not be a chat section available

In the “bet” areas, you have:

  • A setting for your bet per round

  • Pre-defined bet values of 1, 2, 5, and 10 coins per bet

  • A “Bet” button that transforms into a “Cash Out” button once the round begins

2. Wait for the next round

Aviator is a game where you, the player, are a passive participant. The game starts each round automatically just a few seconds after the previous one ends. 

The Aviator game rules are simple:

  • Place your bet

  • Wait for the round to begin

  • Keep an eye on the multiplier

  • Cash-out before the plane flies away

You can place two bets in parallel, which will help you a lot when you set up autoplay.

3. Set up Autoplay

In the bet area, you have two tabs: Bet (for manual bets) and Auto (for Autoplay). To set up Autoplay, first, you need to click or tap on the “Auto” tab. Here, you can:

  • A setting for your bet per round

  • Pre-defined bet values of 1, 2, 5, and 10 coins per bet

  • A “Bet” button that transforms into a “Cash Out” button once the round begins

  • The “Autoplay” button

  • The “Auto Cash Out” switch, and a multiplier setting

To set up Autoplay, you need to:

  1. Set your bet per round (between 0.1 and 100)

  2. Set the “Auto Cash Out” level (accepts values between 1.01 and 100)

  3. Press “Auto Play”. A window will appear where you’ll be able to set:

The number of rounds to play (10, 20, 50, and 100)

For the game to stop if your cash decreases by a custom value

For the game to stop if your cash increases by a custom value

For the game to stop if a single win exceeds a custom value

  • You need to set at least one of the decrease or exceed stop points to start Autoplay.

  • You can set up autoplay with different bets and conditions on both Bet areas!

Play the Aviator Game Free Here

Do you want to try Aviator for yourself without risking any of your money? Try the Aviator Demo Game here! Play Aviator here for the full gaming experience - it’s completely free!

Aviator Game Review 2024
Play Now

How to Win Aviator Game

The Aviator game algorithm has a sophisticated random number generator behind it, which makes the game provably fair. This means that winning at Aviator is up to chance alone. But you can bend the odds in your favour if you use a bit of strategy.

1. How to master the Aviator game

It’s always a good idea to try the Aviator demo free before investing in the game. This way you’ll learn its features and intricacies before risking your own money. Get familiar with the game before heading over to your favourite South African online casino to play it for real money.

2. Aviator game-winning strategy tips and tricks

  • Aim for low multipliers. If you look at the in-game statistics, you’ll see that the “plane flies away” at lower multipliers much more often than at high ones. So, a winning strategy is to aim for low payouts. This way you will win smaller amounts but more often.

  • Use both Autoplays. You can use both Autoplay options with different settings to prepare for any scenario:

    • One with a higher bet and a low multiplier for smaller, more frequent payouts

    • One with a low bet and a higher multiplier to benefit from the higher payouts that may happen

    • For example, you can set up one Autoplay with a bet of R100 and a 1.5x multiplier, and another one with a R10 bet and a 5x multiplier.

  • Practice good bankroll management. Make sure you play Aviator responsibly. Never play with money you can’t afford to lose, and always play within your means. Set limits for how much you can afford to lose and how much you would be satisfied to win, and stick to them.

Do Aviator Game Prediction Sites Work?

As you might expect, the success of Aviator has led to the emergence of websites promising solutions for winning the game. Sites and social media channels promise you access to an Aviator game calculator or an Aviator predictor that will help you win the game more often. 

The only problem with these is that they are all bogus, and none of them work! 

Aviator is a provably fair game. This means that the result of every round is completely random and unpredictable! This also means that predicting the result of a game of Aviator is impossible.

Every round of Aviator is completely random and separate from each other. This means that none of the rounds have any influence on any other. Predicting the next round based on the results from previous rounds does not work, no matter what some people try to tell you. 

Aviator Game Cheats and Hacks

The same is true for those promising Aviator game cheats and hacks. But this comes with an extra danger for you: cheating or attempting to hack casino games is clearly against the casino’s Terms of Service. This means that if you try to use Aviator game cheats or hacks will result in the suspension of your account. This also means that any cash you have in your account will be seized, and you may even end up being banned for life from your favourite South African online casino!

There are a few tips and tricks that can help you win at Aviator - we listed them all above.

Top Casinos to Play Aviator Game

You can play the Aviator game in South Africa at several licensed online casinos:

  • Betway

  • Hollywoodbets

  • 1XBet

Aviator Game FAQ

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Who created the Aviator game?

Aviator was created by the Ukrainian game development studio Spribe. Aviator 2.0 was launched in August 2019.

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Can I play the Aviator game online for free?

Yes, you can. You’ll find a demo of the Aviator game on this page.

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Can I play the Aviator game on mobile?

Yes, the Aviator game is completely mobile-friendly. Its user interface will adapt to the smartphone screen, no matter if you play it in portrait or landscape mode.

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Does the Aviator game pay real money?

If you play it at a real money casino, then yes, it does. But you’ll need to make sure you play it with the right strategy and in a responsible manner.

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How to make money in Aviator?

We have detailed a few tips and tricks on how to make money in Aviator in the review above. It’s not hard to make money in Aviator. It’s a bit of a grind, in turn, if you want to play it safe.

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Is there a way to predict the Aviator game?

No, there is no way to predict the results of any round in the Aviator game. The game is provably fair, which means that the developers have made sure it is completely random and its results can’t be influenced by the casino or the players in any way.

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How fair is the Aviator game?

The Aviator game is 100% random, and it is Provably fair. This means that the result of each round of the game is decided by the RNG before the bets are even placed. Players or auditors can verify that the outcome of the round at the player’s side is the same as the one generated on the server side, proving that none of the parties can interfere with the result of the game.

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