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Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul - Fight Of The Decade Live On Netflix

Mike tyson vs jake paul

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Patrick Meyer
Patrick Meyer

Boxing was a big deal in the late 70s and even the 80s. When Mike Tyson fought, the whole world was watching, not just sports fans. Now, Mike Tyson will again turn boxing into a worldwide event everyone will watch. This time, it will be with Netflix's help that Mike Tyson gets back in the ring to fight Jake Paul.

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On July 20th, Netflix will host its first live combat sports event, which will be between Jake Paul and Mike Tyson.

How to watch Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson on Netflix?

Netflix changed the game for entertainment, and they are doing it again with their first live combat sports stream with two of the world’s most popular boxers. When Jake Paul and Mike Tyson face off at the AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, anyone with a Netflix subscription can watch the fight live.

This is a smart move from Netflix, which has been struggling with the rising competition of other online streaming platforms in recent years. Jake Paul is very popular amongst younger viewers because of his career on YouTube and will likely draw in many new Netflix subscribers. At the same time, Mike Tyson has been an extremely popular cultural figure for decades. A Netflix subscription is much more affordable than one normally pays for a boxing PPV event. In South Africa, Netflix subscription plans start at as low as R49 per month. Not a bad price if you want to watch Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson live.

What are the odds on the Mike Tyson Jake Paul fight?

Nothing makes a boxing fight more exciting than placing a bet on the outcome. With the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight, there is no doubt that we will want to place a bet. What are the odds currently for the Jake Paul vs Mike Tyson fight?

Well, very few sports bookies have released odds for this fight. Quite strange since this is arguably the biggest boxing match since Mike Tyson’s last fight back in 2004. No South African sports betting sites have released odds for the fight yet, but we scoured the internet and found the sites that have odds so far. Granted, these odds will probably change a lot over the next month or two as more sports betting sites release odds and start taking bets on the Paul vs Tyson fight.

Even though these odds will change, seeing the line is interesting. Jake Paul is the favourite to win the fight at 1.28, and Mike Tyson is the underdog at 4.00.

Can Jake Paul beat Mike Tyson?

Jake Paul has spent the last couple of years dedicated to boxing. His record currently stands at 9-1, with 6 of those wins being KO victories. Whether you like Jake Paul or not, there is no denying that his boxing skills have greatly improved during his boxing career. It’s important to remember that most of Paul’s boxing matches were not against professional boxers. His one loss comes from fighting the professional boxer Tommy Fury. That’s worth keeping in mind before placing your bets.

Can Mike Tyson Beat Jake Paul?

Many boxing analysts consider Mike Tyson the best boxer to compete in the sport. His fighting record stands at 50-6, with 44 of those fights ending with Tyson knocking out his opponent. That said, Mike Tyson is 57-years-old. That’s 30 years older than his opponent, Paul. That is also why Paul is the clear favourite at this point. But even at 57, Mike Tyson punches harder than any opponent Paul has fought. The threat of Paul getting KO’d has never been bigger. After all, every boxing fight Mike Tyson has had throughout has been against other professional boxers. Tyson’s experience could be the big equaliser against Paul

Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul Betting

As soon as the lines open up in South Africa, a flood of bets will likely be placed on the Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul fight. Will Paul’s age help him triumph? Or will Tyson’s experience and hard-hitting KO power simply be too much? Only time will tell; we can’t wait to watch it live on Netflix!

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