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Sports Betting in South Africa without FICA or a Bank Account

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Patrick Meyer
Patrick Meyer
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Luckily for South African sports betting fans technology has changed the landscape in terms of being able to play bets without a bank account. In recent history if you wanted to gamble online you would need a bank account, FICA documents, ID and proof of physical address. Quite the extensive list of hoops to jump through for anyone who just wants to play a R25 bet on this weekend’s game.

Since we are in 2024 where technology is making day-to-day living more convenient we can use cash vouchers and mobile money to play bets. Major sports betting platforms in South Africa, like 10bet, FafaBet, Playa Bets, Bet.co.za and Supabets accept 1ForYou, OTT, Blu and more. It’s never been easier to make a deposit into your account using these cash vouchers.

How to withdraw sports betting winnings in South Africa without FICA

It’s important to understand that FICA is in place to protect the integrity, safety and security of your account. It is highly advised that you complete the FICA process to protect your own interest as well as the interest of the South African financial system.

Most South Africans have a mobile phone and as such a mobile phone number. When you have a mobile phone you are also carrying your eWallet in your phone. There are mobile money options like FNB eWallet or Standard Bank Instant Money, where a pin is sent to your phone and then you withdraw your money at an ATM.

How to deposit into your sports betting account using a voucher

There are plenty of options for buying vouchers, just make sure that the betting site you choose to use accepts vouchers from the voucher platform you want to use. Some of the more popular voucher platforms that South Africans make use of are:

Let’s take a close look at each of these voucher platforms that South Africans use to make deposits into their sports betting accounts.

1ForYou Vouchers

1foryou vouchers1ForYou has to be one of the simplest ways to get a voucher to make a deposit into a sports betting account. Their website basically guides you through the whole process in three easy steps.

How to buy 1ForYou Vouchers?

  1. Select the voucher type. For South Africans there is only one option, the 1Voucher

  2. Enter your voucher amount and chose if you want to receive the voucher via SMS or email

  3. Make the payment for your voucher

OTT Voucher

Ott voucherOTT vouchers are also a very simple step-by-step process setup for South Africans to buy cash vouchers. You can buy vouchers in three easy steps and their website is great to use on a mobile device. Meaning that you can buy your vouchers even if you don’t have access to a computer.

How to buy OTT Vouchers?

  1. Go to buy.ottvoucher.com

  2. Enter the amount you want to buy and select your payment method

  3. Enter your mobile number or your email address where you want the voucher sent

  4. Make the payment for your voucher

Blu Voucher

Blu voucherBlu Voucher is different since you can purchase Blu vouchers at till points in South African retail shops like Checkers, Pick ‘n Pay, Shoprite and more. This is a great option for anyone that might want to use cash to buy their voucher to place bets. You can buy a Blu voucher for any amount between R2 and R1000.

Pick ‘n Pay explains in detail how to get Blu Vouchers from their tills in this post.

How to buy Blu Vouchers?

  1. Ask for a Blu voucher at the till point in your retailer that sells Bu voucher for your specified amount

  2. Pay for your voucher

  3. Receive your voucher pin on your till receipt ready to use

Which South African Sports Betting sites let you deposit with vouchers?

Would have been pretty mean of us if we told you  how to get vouchers but we didn’t tell you what South African sports betting sites let you deposit vouchers into your account. We’re not mean. We like to help, so below is a look at some of the sports betting sites in South Africa where you can deposit with money vouchers.


10bet as a brand was established 20 years ago in 2023. The brand operates in over 90 countries worldwide, including South Africa. They offer bets on a huge variety of sports, but they also offer casino games.Since 10bet offers bets on almost every sport you can think of, it’s a great place to place pre-match bets, live bets, outright bets and more.

10Bet Payment options

  • 1ForYou

  • Capitec Pay

  • OTT Voucher

  • BluVoucher

  • EasyPay

  • Credit Card


  • Masterpass

  • Zapper


Fafabet is fully licensed and regulated by the Western Cape Gambling And Racing Board. That’s always a good sign since regulation protects the people playing bets just as much as it protects the sports betting sites. The main focus at Fafabet is sports betting but you will also find some great casino games on their site to pass the time with.

Fafabet Pyament Options

  • Callpay

  • Ozow

  • OTT voucher

  • Blu voucher

Playa Bets

Local is lekker and Playa Bets is a local is lekker betting site that is proudly South African. For years Play Bets have had sports betting shops all around South Africa and now they offer the same great services online. If you are looking for a tried and tested, truly South African sports betting brand then Playa Bets is the one for you.

Playa Bets Payment Options

  • Visa

  • Mastercard

  • SID Instant EFT

  • Direct Bank Deposit

  • OTT Vouchers

  • 1Voucher

  • Zapper


Bet.co.za offers bets in a large variety of sports and along with their healthy welcome bonus, this has ensured that it has become one of the most popular sports bettings sites for South Africans.  Other than just sports betting Bet.co.za also offers lucky numbers games.

Bet.co.za Payment Options

  • Masterpass

  • SID Instant EFT

  • OTT Voucher

  • Zapper

  • Mastercard

  • Visa

  • OZOW


Supabets is a popular sports betting brand in South Africa, offering South Africans sports betting options since 2008. Supabets is a trusted brand not only in South Africa, but also in other African countries like Ghana, Zambia, Tanzania and more. Supabest is one of the sports betting platforms that offers the most payment options to South Africans.

Supabets Payment Options

  • Cash Deposit

  • EasyEFT

  • SID Instant EFT

  • Prepaid Cards

  • 1 Voucher

  • FNB eWallet Pro

  • Standard Bank Instant Money

  • Visa and Mastercard – Debit Cards

  • Pay By Phone - Airtime

Place bets without FICA documents or a bank account

Even if you are South African and even if you don’t have a South African bank account, that shouldn’t stop you from placing a bet here and there. Now you know that you can bet online in South Africa without a bank account or FICA documents. It’s no more trouble than it would have been to place a bet any other way.

No bank account? No problem. Just receive your winnings via your phone number and FNB eWallet, ABSA Cash Send, Standard Bank Instant Money or Nedbank Send-iMali/MobiMoney. You can deposit into your sports betting account by buying a money voucher like Blu Voucher with cash at a till point at your local Pick ‘n Pay. Or get a money voucher sent to your email or phone number.

The options might not be endless, but there certainly are lots of options for you to play your bets on the game this weekend. Don’t let FICA documents hold you back.

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