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The Best Evolution Gaming Casinos in 2024

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With a higher demand for online casinos in the past few years, there has been an influx of online casinos, all vying for your attention with fantastic welcome bonuses, higher jackpots, and better games.

This recently started including high-quality live dealer games, and Evolution Gaming is leading the way. After gaining its licence from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board in 2020, Evolution Gaming is making waves in the South African online casino circuit and has fast become one of the best providers in SA.

Evolution Gaming has been supplying the gambling and iGaming industry with top quality live dealer games for over 14 years. If you’ve been frequenting online casinos for a while, the chances that you’ve played an Evolution Gaming game is almost guaranteed. They don’t supply the general iGaming big hitters like slots or table games and instead focus on delivering top of the line live dealer games.

Evolution Gaming has revamped the live dealer casino game department with state-of-the-art technology and appealing studios, making it a must-have on many online casino floors. It grew from a small company back in 2006 when technology could barely handle live streaming to a massive global enterprise that has taken over the reins in the iGaming industry.

Evolution Gaming’s live dealer games are known for their friendly dealers, the immersive experience, and terrific general service. All of this makes the company one of the top game providers in South Africa after its launch date in 2020.

Best Evolution Gaming Betting Sites

Evolution Gaming Operator Benefits

Evolution gaming develops its games with both the operator and the end-user in mind. They analyse game data and continue to make adjustments and optimise the games according to each operator’s specific needs and conditions. This helps operators because it inspires trust, which, in turn, fosters a sense of loyalty between the developer and the operator. 

Evolution Gaming’s focus on live dealer games holds them to an incredibly high standard. This ensures that they remain at the top of their field internationally. They continuously work towards bettering their offering and staying in tune with what the local markets demand. An excellent example of this would be their most recent addition, the live game show category. 

With their many years of experience in the iGaming industry, primarily focused on the live dealer games, Evolution Gaming has effectively eradicated a whole host of problems that could arise due to the complex nature of live streaming games. Evolution Gaming has developed a platform that handles the hardware, software, video, employees, and user data to address this problem effectively. This platform is essentially copied and pasted for its global market due to its efficacy and trouble-free nature. 

Live Dealers

The live dealers used in Evolution Gaming’s games are all knowledgeable and well-presented. They’re friendly, efficient, and they have a deep understanding of the games. Evolution Gaming does so well because of its desire to give access to high-quality games to players in various geographical locations in their native language. This is, of course, something that remains in a constant state of development as they increase their scope internationally. 

Vast Game Choice

Evolution Gaming offers players the best of all the live games available. They have selected the top, most played games and chosen to streamline their process so that it’s as user-friendly and bug-free as possible. While you might not be under any illusion that you’re sitting in a swish Las Vegas Casino, Evolution Gaming’s state-of-the-art studios and top-notch technology will leave you glamorously satisfied. 

The dealers are well presented and know what they’re doing when playing to the camera. The video stream gives players access to a live chat enabling you to engage in a two-way chat with the dealer throughout the game. All these features combine to allow players an increased level of immersion in the game and allow you to get swept away into a fictitious Vegas dream, all from the comfort of your home. 

When it comes to live dealer games, Evolution Gaming offers an excellent selection. These live dealer games include the following: Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat, Casino Hold’em, Three Card Poker, and Caribbean Stud Poker. Read on for an overview of what Evolution offers with their games. 

These live casino games’ rules are very similar to their in-person games, but different rules may apply for some of them. 

Evolution Live Roulette:

  • Lightning Roulette is very similar to regular roulette with the exception of the lucky numbers. There are between one and five “lightning strikes” in every spin; should your number be struck, you could win up to 500x your wager. 
  • Speed Roulette is standard Roulette but with 25-second rounds and betting

 happening while the wheel is in play. 

  • Auto Roulette is NOT a live dealer game. It spins automatically, landing between 60 and 80 spins per hour. This game usually offers reduced minimum stakes, so it is excellent for beginners or players on a budget. 
  • Immersive Roulette is a particularly captivating version of standard roulette. There are increased camera angles, and the stream is delivered at 200 frames per second, tracking the ball at every moment of the spin. Once it lands, the winning position is displayed in slow motion. The immersive roulette is incredibly well shot and affords the player an up-close-and-personal feel in the game. 
  • Double Ball Roulette offers players an increased chance of winning by having two balls in play. This provides more excitement with a higher frequency of wins available. 

There are also high roller Roulette options such as VIP Roulette which fully embraces the glamour of the high rollers in everything from the table to the decorations. This is also available on the Autoplay Roulette variation. The Privé Roulette is only available for the very high rollers with a significant minimum bet. This is also a single-player game, allowing you to play at your own pace. 

Evolution Live Blackjack

Evolution Gaming’s Live Blackjack is similar to the Roulette selection in that there are quite a few variations available.

  • Free Bet Blackjack is quite similar to regular blackjack and includes a free Double Down on certain hands. 
  • Power Blackjack lets you go all-out by allowing you to double, triple or even quadruple on any of the first two cards. 
  • Infinite Blackjack makes room for any number of players, which helps create that live casino feeling. The first two cards dealt are community cards, after which players can play their hands at their discretion. 
  • Speed Blackjack makes room for those adrenaline junkies among us. Also a multiplayer game, this version works on the same basic Blackjack principle; however, after the first cards are dealt, you are offered a chance to split, double down or hit, and the player with the fastest reaction has their card dealt first. 
  • Blackjack Party is a lot of fun, even for spectators who want to back any of the players in motion. The theme is fun-filled with lively music, chatter, and both a dealer and a co-host that keep things entertaining. 

The live Blackjack offering also has a few VIP options available for high rollers and those looking for a more exclusive experience. 

Evolution Live Baccarat

The live Baccarat option from Evolution is full of the thrill and excitement of the actual game, with a few added features to keep players occupied. 

  • Traditional Baccarat includes all the usual features with some added bonuses like special bets and side pairs. 
  • Speed Baccarat is like playing regular Baccarat but in a hurry. Rounds only last 27 seconds. 
  • Lighting Baccarat has a multiplier feature built-in with between one and five lightning strikes affording the multiplier to the winning hand. 
  • Baccarat Squeeze is for those who want close up angles to increase the suspense in the game. 
  • Privé Baccarat is available for more VIP players with a bigger bankroll. 

Evolution Live Poker

Probably one of the more famous casino games out there, this live casino version of poker will keep you entertained and excited for a long time. 

  • Casino Hold’em is almost exactly like the famous Texas Hold’em, but you play against the dealer. There is a jackpot available and a maximum payout of 100:1.
  • Two-Hand Casino Hold’em is just Casino Hold’em with an extra hand to increase your chances of winning.
  • Side Bet City allows players to bet for a three, five or seven-card win or all hands lose. 
  • Ultimate Texas Hold’em, where the player plays against the dealer. There are options for you to play the best hand of five community cards and two pocket cards and a Trips side bet option which pays out on a three-of-a-kind or better no matter what the dealer’s hand is. 
  • Caribbean Stud poker is exclusive to Evolution Gaming and allows you to play heads up against the dealer with a five-card hand. The Bonus Bet is a five plus one where the five player cards are combined with the dealer’s face-up card. Three-of-a-kind or better wins this bet. 

Evolution Live Game Shows 

The live game shows feature is a highly entertaining top-end feature from Evolution that combines all the razzle-dazzle from familiar game shows like Deal or No Deal to classic board games like Monopoly.

The current list of game shows includes:

  • Dreamcatcher is a rendition of the classic money wheel with various betting options.
  • Crazy Time which indeed sounds crazy with a multiplier available on every round! This wheel spin game will keep you crazily occupied. 
  • Deal or No Deal, based on the famous television game show, allows you to participate online. 
  • Monopoly Live, which combines the popular board game with a money wheel option to spice things up. 
  • Mega Ball is a mash-up of Bingo and Lotto that draws balls and marks you off on a card and can offer you up to 1 000 000x multipliers if you hit the sweet spot!

Ezugi Options

Ezugi is a part of the Evolution enterprise, and they have created a few of their own unique live gaming options that are available globally. These include a bet on numbers feature and a few Roulette options that are streamed from one of their multiple locations. 

Place Bets And Watch Live On TV

If you’re at home this weekend and want to spend some time with like-minded individuals, then this feature might be exactly what you’re looking for. You get the chance to place bets at your online casino and then watch the results streamed via the big screen. 

These bets can be placed via your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer. While you wait for bets to close, the dealers will keep you and your friends entertained with their friendly personalities. 


Evolution Gaming works hard to ensure that its business model is scalable, making them available to any size casino. Their commitment to operational excellence propelled them to create a platform that is ultimately scalable, allowing them the opportunity to expand to new studios without having to replicate their software locally. This makes it much easier to infiltrate new geographical markets. 

Reinvestment of Profits in Business

There is currently no information available pertaining to Evolution Gaming’s reinvestment of profits.

Evolution Takes Care Of Its Players

Evolution designs all their games with the player in mind. Because of this, they have garnered a reputation as being a player-friendly, fair brand that is diverse and inclusive. 

Highest Return to Player Games

Evolution currently holds the first position as the developer with the best general RTP for live games. Their Infinite Blackjack comes in at an RTP of 99.51%, First Person Blackjack holds an RTP of 99.21%, and their two hand Hold’em comes in at 99.18%. 

When you consider these numbers, it is clear that Evolution takes care of its customers. 

Certified As Fair For Players

Because live casino games are only gaining popularity and traction now, many people are still sceptical regarding their fairness. You needn’t be; just like any regular casino, online casinos undergo stringent testing to ensure fairness to players. 

Customer Care

Because Evolution is merely the developer, the customer service is once again at the mercy of the online casino you choose. This is another reason why we recommend you choose a licensed and regulated casino with good reviews and with a solid customer service reputation. There should be a contact number, email and/or live chat option available to address any concerns or issues you’re having with deposits, payouts and more. 

Accepts South African Rands

Since Evolution got their licensing in the Western Cape, they are officially allowed to feature in local online casinos. This makes it possible for you to play using South African Rand and removes the pesky currency converters and geo-blocking issues. 

Evolution Gaming Incentives

Evolution Gaming is a developer of live casino games and therefore has no player incentives available. These are at the discretion of the operating casino you choose to engage with. 

Evolution on Any Platform

Evolution Gaming works through the operators to be available on all mobile devices, both for Android and iOS. This is, however, entirely up to the casino you choose to use for your live gaming experience so please consider their technical requirements and download options before you commit, especially if you are bound to a device or don’t have multiple options. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I Play Evolution Gaming Games for Free?

Due to Evolution Gaming being a Live Casino game provider, their games are not available to play for free. This is because of the general costs of live dealer games that include the costs of having a physical space, having live dealers and the amount of time and funds required to stream these games.

To mitigate this, we suggest you familiarise yourself with the rules of the game you wish to play and play the RNG-controlled version of the game usually available on the regular casino floor.

Question Icon

Where Can I Play Evolution Games?

Because Evolution Games is synonymous with Live Dealer Games, they are available at quite a few online casinos. We suggest checking the licensed casinos in your area to see who has the best welcome bonus or promotions.

Question Icon

What Are the Best Live Games?

It really depends on who you ask. Poker and Blackjack are probably the more famous live games due to the amount of airtime they receive in films and on television, but the rise of live Game Shows has definitely shown that people are drawn to these entertaining and welcoming options too.

To find out what’s for you, find a Random Number Generator (RNG) version of the game and see if you like how it goes before you move on to wagering real money on live table games.

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